Progress on Bolton Clear when Conservative Bloggers Pronounce the Nomination Dead


Robert George runs a cool blog, RaggedThots.
George, who is a brilliant, hilarious guy, is a thoughtful conservative who worked for some time as speech-writer/wordsmith to House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
He writes:

John Bolton, R.I.P.
John Bolton will never be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.
Whether he should be or not is no longer the question. Whether the “temperament” charges against him were fair or if he was just a victim of Chris Dodd’s pro-Cuba fetish doesn’t matter.
It is now politically impossible. On Friday, individual clouds that had been drifting around for months — in some cases, years — finally merged into a media perfect storm. It is now raging. Whether he knows it or not, Bolton has been thrown overboard as far more significant players start working overtime before the ship of state begins taking on water.

Read the whole thing. He gets it right I think.
We still need to learn more about the details of Bolton’s grand jury interview/testimony, so stay tuned.
— Steve Clemons