STREAMING LIVE FRIDAY: SUSAN RICE to Join KAREN KORNBLUH in Discussing Dem Party Platform — Steve Coll, Maya MacGuineas to Comment


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Here is FINAL of the Democratic Party Platform as pdf.
Barack Obama’s national security advisor, SUSAN RICE, will join a program tomorrow featuring KAREN KORNBLUH, principal author of the Democrat’s party platform and a senior Senate policy advisor (currently on leave) to Senator Obama that the New America Foundation is organizing on the just completed pre-convention Democratic Party platform.
The event will stream live here at The Washington Note as well as other blogs around the country. The meeting will take place on Friday, 18 August, from 12:00 pm til 1:45 pm EST.

I will be moderating this interesting discussion between Karen Kornbluh and Susan Rice and will weave in the commentary of two of my colleagues — STEVE COLL, President of the New America Foundation and a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist for the New Yorker and MAYA MacGUINEAS, who heads the New America Foundation’s Fiscal Policy Program and serves as President of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.
When I receive it Friday morning, I will post the final version of the pre-convention platform document here. It is slightly modified from the draft version I previously posted.
Karen Kornbluh is former Deputy Chief of Staff at the Department of Treasury and is currenlty on leave as Policy Director in the Office of Senator Barack Obama. She also previously served as Director of the Work and Family Program at the New America Foundation.
I should also add that I approached and invited the Republican National Committee about the possibility of doing a similar meeting in September.
— Steve Clemons


9 comments on “STREAMING LIVE FRIDAY: SUSAN RICE to Join KAREN KORNBLUH in Discussing Dem Party Platform — Steve Coll, Maya MacGuineas to Comment

  1. Steve Clemons says:

    The correct version of the Democratic Party Platform is now posted.


  2. Mr.Murder says:

    Client states. Israel, Saudi Arabia, the new Iraq, Pakistan.
    This looks like someone took the Contra era and simply applied it with more presence to the Middle East.
    Obama’s campaign is still a Christmas tree, full of everyone’s present issues. He an electoral weezzle, his tail spins tales and takes shapes of whatever you expect it to be.
    Anything substantive actually looks to be continuations of modern fiscal trends.
    See also free trade, the only cost to it is your job.
    Who needs more bridges, we’ve got plans for HWY 69 to ship in all our coming overseas manufactured goods. That’s why we’re letting the old roads and bridges fall apart, to build the new one west of the current one, usually on the other side of the MSA’s that dot stretches of I 40 today.
    Farmer john, get ready for imminent domain….


  3. Mr.Murder says:

    Faith based organizations?
    Establishment clause.
    We’re just Falwell light now. Thanks so very much!
    Openness, like refusing to appear in debates and town halls?
    Not being a good note taker as an excuse for your state Senator days?
    Rejecting wiretapping? Telecomm immunity?


  4. Mr.Murder says:

    What about the fact Cheney is gutting the national budget by recasting appropriations whil Congress is out of session?
    He did it before using Iraq as an excuse. We’re supposed to have been glad that Democrats tightened those procedures down, then asked Georgia to wait on action until Congress was out of session.
    Then Cheney has new emergency powers to continue his imperial Presidency, standing in place of Dubya at DC while the boy king visits the Olympics.
    It happend on your watch. This is political theater right now. Dog whistles and unity pony shows.
    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


  5. Mr.Murder says:

    Most EU busses are electric now. Holland was @ 20% renewable in the year 2002.
    Thanks for a vision to keep us on oil for decades.
    Such vision.
    Energy independence is national security. Energy independence is financial strength.


  6. Mr.Murder says:

    We’re more secure when everybody has a Rezko tenement in their country getting earmarks?
    More money to Alsammarae?
    Does Obama deny we would maintain temporary bases in Iraq for the duration of his term?
    If combat troops are not needed in Iraq, why even have any military presence there at all?
    Would Obama deny using third party contractors at all, especially in Iraq? You are simply moving the goalposts when you talk about drawdowns and then end up using those soldiers as a recruiting base for far more expensive contractor security.
    The job in Afghanistan is done, they signed over energy concessions, granted those are tied to larger start up costs and tougher business logistics to make profitable.
    Why can’t Iraq take the hint? Sign the concessions, get more aid and assistance.
    To build this new world we’ll have a take on everybody’s water bill. Sounds like the Daley machine already….


  7. Careful Reader says:

    If the Platform you posted is final, how come it says Draft on page one?


  8. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Hey Steve, seems you are getting an ever increasing dose of notoriety. Congrats man, it appears you’ve arrived. One hopes you won’t succumb to the temptations of power. Careful man, Washington doesn’t respect integrity or character.


  9. t200 says:

    Steve, Thanks for this really hard work. One of the reasons I read your blog is for your truly unique and non-derivative analysis of politics and foreign policy.
    But you also constantly make your own news. You make things happen and then write about them. Not many bloggers have the connections and capacity to do that. Has anyone actually written about your style of blogging and news making?
    I look forward to watching this event with Karen Kornbluh and Susan Rice tomorrow, and Coll and MacGuineas and you of course.


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