President’s Day Special: Three Books on America’s Founding Era


Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito makes a habit (hope sharing this doesn’t ruin it) of attending most years a special tribute dinner at George and Martha Washington’s Mount Vernon — some times on the lawn; other times in the newly built history center.  The occasion is the presentation of the George Washington Book Prize, a $50,000 cash prize presented to the best book on America’s founding era. While Justice Alito and I come from fairly different political frames, we agree…

Summers on Inadequate Demand, Growth & Employment



An exchange this Sunday between CNN’s Fareed Zakaria & former US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers impressed me and follows in full below.  It’s a quick read but offers some no-nonsense analysis of what is not stirring in the US economy.  While Summers lays out the consensus views that demand remains weak, growth too stifled, and employment levels drag — he argues that the government still has options to improve the situation. He points out that the Fed has essentially done…