Reactions to the Pakistani 24 Bombers



(Al Jazeera Washington DC Bureau news producer Mysa Khalaf) I have been in back-to-back meetings and doing quite a number of interviews, including on Air America’s “The Al Franken Show“. I am now at Al Jazeera‘s DC studios, with the renowned producer Mysa Khalaf, preparing for “Hassad” (The Harvest: The News Hour). At 7 p.m., I will be on with former National Intelligence Officer for the Middle East and Georgetown University Professor Paul Pillar, Brown University scholar and Info Tech…

Beyond a Binary Choice: Thinking Through the Unthinkables on Iran



Yesterday, I returned to Washington, D.C. after helping to organize a thought-provoking session on Iran jointly sponsored by the New America Foundation, Aspen Strategy Group, and Aspen Institute. The meeting lasted three hours and was intense. I’ll be drafting a report for the meeting, which after review by the principals involved, will be made publicly available — but which will also help articulate the areas of investment — financial and intellectual — needed in generating options OTHER than bombing Iran…

Lamont Topples Joe Lieberman



I have to run and give a lecture at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies this morning, so no long-winded analysis (right now) of last night’s dramatic upset of challenger Ned Lamont over Joseph Lieberman in the Connecticut Democratic Primary race. The end was dramatic as well with Lieberman greatly diminishing their distance in the final hours of vote counting. My friend Michael Tomasky who is editor of The American Prospect said on WNYC’s “The Brian Lehrer Show”…

Implications of the Lamont-Lieberman Race



TWN will be on WNYC’s “The Brian Lehrer Show” at about 8:40 p.m. tonight commenting on the implications of the Democratic primary contest that took place today in Connecticut. There is a great two hour show that has been on for a while and a good roster of interview segments with other interesting political observers. Audio clips are posted, and folks can listen to the show live over the internet. — Steve Clemons

American National Security Strategy: Lessons From Michael Lind



Publisher’s Weekly has just issued a positive review of my colleague and friend Michael Lind’s new book on American foreign policy strategy. I commend the book to you in part because the nation is in need of a serious discussion of what vision of the future we collectively have — what the terms of American engagement in global affairs will be, and how prosperity, justness, and stability are going to be achieved in a world that has become increasingly convulsive,…

Seeing Through a Bad UN Resolution?



Col. Pat Lang (US Army, Ret.) has one of the most interesting national security/military policy blogs around. It’s tough-minded and unsentimental. This morning, he sent some of his friends a roster of four issues and questions to consider when debating the so-called US-French agreement on and Israel-Hezbollah ceasefire. They were: 1. France and the United States are not at war with each other. They cannot agree to end the fighting. 2. Hizbullah thinks it is winning both tactically and strategically….

TWN Travels to Aspen



I will be in Aspen, Colorado Sunday and Monday returning to Washington, DC Tuesday. I’ll be organizing a foreign policy discussion on U.S. Policy Towards Iran that’s unfortunately off-the-record but co-sponsored by the New America Foundation/American Strategy Program, the Aspen Strategy Group, and the Aspen Institute. For Aspen TWN readers, I can meet Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. Pick a coffee shop. — Steve Clemons A sailor facing espionage and desertion charges has been held at a Norfolk, Virginia, brig…

General John Abizaid: Iraq Is As Bad As I’ve Seen It



In the four years from 1941-45, America fought two wars on different sides of the earth; developed, built, and deployed atomic weapons; and thought through those important words, “What comes next.” Nearly five years after bin Laden, despite an American occupation, Iraq is about to blow. We are still engaged in fighting — and the problems are increasing, not only in Iraq but also in Afghanistan. Let’s just forget for a moment that some in the Bush administration advocated Israel…