President Bush: Stop Stalling on the Bolton Documents!



President Bush knocked around Democrats today for delaying a vote on John Bolton — but in fact, it is his own team who has caused the delay. With one utterance, President Bush could end the efforts by Democrats and moderate Republicans to hold off a Bolton vote by just offering up the documents requested by Senators during their Constitutionally-required investigation of Bolton, his record, and his behavior. Until Bush concedes defeat to the growing list of Senators who have serious…

Senator Chuck Hagel’s Presidential Aspirations May Hang on Bolton



I have stated before that Senator Hagel would be one of the few U.S. Senators whom I could support in a race for the presidency. But lately, he seems to be determined to shake off those of us who look at him as one of the best hopes for a renewed, enlightened American engagement in world affairs. Chuck Hagel is failing to cut what should be an admirable profile in his role on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The foreign…

The Bolton Story Told Through Emoticons Based on Readings from <em>The Washington Note</em>



I have linked this great piece of Boltonesque art previously — but I feel like doing it again this morning. I hope one of my regular readers in the White House will share this with Vice President Cheney this morning. Here is the link. — Steve Clemons

VP Cheney Needs a Mathematics Refresher Course



Vice President Cheney used his time on CNN’s Larry King Live this weekend to do some Bolton cheerleading, asserting that John Bolton would be confirmed. I have several comments on Vice President Cheney’s regular expressions of “confidence” in Mr. Bolton. First of all, Cheney has been saying that he was ‘confident’ that Bolton would be confirmed from the very beginning of this process. That just hasn’t added much to the Bolton nomination. If anything, Cheney’s disregard for moderate Republicans and…

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Readers Agree with <em>TWN</em> on Bolton Documents Filibuster



Well, it’s early in the day — and there is always the chance that trolls will distort the poll (at bottom of page) that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is running, but at this point — it is not distorted. The paper asks: Are nominations as U.N. ambassador important enough to merit a filibuster in the Senate? 12.9% No, the ambassador represents the country but doesn’t determine policy. 31.5% No, not under normal circumstances. But the administration should give senators documents they…

How Far Should Senators Go on Bolton Documents Filibuster?



The Seattle Post-Intelligencer ran a thoughtful editorial today titled “United Nations: Divulge Bolton Dossier” that I agreed with until I got to the very end. Here is an excerpt with which TWN concurs: The Bush administration has been excessively secretive with Congress and the public. Documents detailing Bolton’s State Department advice on congressional testimony about Syria are germane to understanding how he might conduct himself at the United Nations. And it’s disrespectful for the administration to withhold from senators intelligence…

<em>TPM Cafe</em> Launch Tomorrow: Tallulah Bankhead and the Pursuit of a “Win”



There is a great stable of folks who have joined up as coffee house chatterers on Josh Marshall’s new venture, TPM Cafe. I’m one of the cuprits. The new site will be up for public access tomorrow — but we are already debating one another over religion, John Bolton, political tactics, and whatever we get wound up about. Here is a piece I posted yesterday but wanted to share here as well:, 29 March 2005 Declaring Victory No Matter…

The Feingold Standard When Rejecting Nominations: Bolton Surpasses What it Takes to Get Feingold “Nay”



It’s been clear for a long time that Senator Russ Feingold was going to oppose John Bolton, but it was not so from the beginning. In TWN‘s considerable work on the Bolton nomination and inquiries with various offices on their stances on Bolton and the rationale for whatever position the Senator was taking, Feingold was one who had very clear views that the Senate should nearly always support the President’s nominees. In fact, he voted for John Bolton when he…

Senator Collins Should Be Able To Request Decision-Making Documents Just As Senators Deserve to See Bolton Documents



Senator Lieberman voted correctly — against cloture — on Thursday and Senator Collins did not. She underestimated the slippery slope of undermining principle and the Senate’s position vis-a-vis the White House. Now she wants documents from the administration — but she was missing in action when it came to the Senate oversight responsibilities in the John Bolton nomination. Shame on her. She has time to modify her stance on Bolton and the documentation issue — but otherwise her own self-contradicting…